How to Apply

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Application Process


Applicant registers online or Download the application form


Applicant arranges all necessary documents (mentioned below) required for application


Applicant establishes contact with his / her prospective host scientist in India and secures an official consent letter from the concerned Indian host institute Download the Host Consent form


Applicant submits his / her application to FICCI, through any of the modes – online / email

Documents to be Submitted

Language of Application

All application forms submitted for this fellowship must be in ENGLISH. Application forms submitted in any language other than English will not be considered for selection process.
All supporting documents submitted along with application form must also be in ENGLISH. If original document(s) is / are in any language other than English, please enclose duly attested copy of its / their English translation.

Selection Process And Notification

Selection Process

Screening of applications will be conducted by an expert selection committee set up by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, based on scientific merit and proposed contribution to advance research in the proposed area / subject.

Notification of Selection Results

Selection / acceptance letters will be sent to all successful candidates after the final announcement of the selection committee. Names of fellowship awardees along with their respective host researchers and institutions, along with their research themes will also be posted on , , DST website ( and FICCI website (

Placement Process
  • Selected applicants are required to finalize their duration of stay in India under this fellowship in consultation with their respective host scientists and promptly inform FICCI through email at
  • Selected applicants will be issued visa and air tickets by the concerned Indian Mission in their respective home country or from the concerned Mission entrusted under concurrent accreditation (in case of applicants whose home country does not have a permanent Indian Mission but having diplomatic representation through concurrent accreditation of an Indian Mission in some other African country)
  • Applicants are required to approach the concerned Indian Missions with copy of their selection/acceptance letter from DST / FICCI along with all other necessary documents and travel plan (as decided along with their respective host scientists) for issue of visa and air tickets.
  • A copy of round-trip ticket/travel plan details must be sent to FICCI at

Obligation of the Fellow Researchers

All fellows are expected to observe the regulations and procedures stipulated below. If the fellow fails to do so, the fellowship may be withdrawn, as per discretion of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India or Ministry of External, Government of India or any one or both of them.

  • During their fellowship tenures, fellows shall not, either inside or outside the host institution, infringe in any way on human rights of others, including racial or gender discrimination or other forms of abuse.
  • Fellows shall stay in India continuously during the tenure of their fellowship and concentrate on their research at the host institution. Fellows should not engage in other work, neither paid nor unpaid, during their fellowship tenures.
  • Fellows shall follow all rules established by the host institution and DST, prohibiting acts of research misconduct (e.g. fabricating or falsifying research results), research misuse (e.g. use research facilities for private purpose or for purposes other than the approved research)
  • Fellows must submit a research report after completion of his/her tenure duly approved by the concerned host researcher either online at or by email at

PS:A one-time contingency grant for Indian host scientist will be provided as mentioned below (implemented with effect from 2016)

  1. Post- Doctoral Fellowship: Rs 25,000
  2. Visiting Fellowship: Rs 20,000
  3. Senior Fellowship: Rs 10,000

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